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Available in Mission Beach, San Diego


kids surf camp instructors mission beach san diego group surf lessons for kids and children in mission beach san diego


$55 per person- Three to five students working with one instructor. Bring a group or join a group if available. If no groups are available we can offer a 1 hour private for $65 with one hour of practice time after the lesson.


Part 1/Land lesson: 30 minutes-The lesson will start out on the beach with 30 minutes of land instruction and practice. The instructor will teach students about the currents, ocean conditions, wave timing, wave judgment, and proper skills for getting out through the surf, standing up on the surfboard, proper surfing stance, turning, falling and getting back out again. The student also learns the do’s and don’ts of surfing, safety, and surfers etiquette.


Part 2/Water lesson: 60 Minutes- After the land lesson the student is ready to move into the ocean with their instructor. During this time the instructor will spend 60 minutes pushing, coaching and guiding the student into waves in waste to chest high surf depending on the students level and ability. The instructor will give constant feedback while guiding students, answering questions, and helping you catch the best waves.


Part 3/Individual Practice time: After the lesson is over, students may take a break, then keep the surfboard, wetsuit, and practice what they learned for one hour on their own to reenforce the skills learned from the lesson. If you do not want to use the 1 hour of practice time you may return on another day and use this time to practice what you learned.




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